Red Screen | Enable Blank Red Screen in Fullscreen Mode

Use this tool to enable the red screen in full-screen mode to test your display color or make red light effects while taking pictures or making TikTok videos.

Click the box below to go fullscreen.

How to enable Red Screen?

Here are the steps to turn your screen dark red on laptop, computer or mobile device.

  1. Visit on the device on which you want set red screen.
  2. Choose the red color from the colors provided on the webpage.
  3. Now, click the big red box on the screen.
  4. After clicking, your device will show a full red screen.
  5. Press Esc key to make your screen normal again.
  6. Optionally, you can also add a text message to display on the screen.

Red Screen Video for iOS

Uses of Blank Red Screen

Test Red Pixels: Using the red screen, you can check if your device’s screen has any red pixels that are not working properly or are dead completely.

Red Light Effect: If you are a photographer or video creator, you may need a red light for better effects in your photos or videos. The bright red screen can help you create the same effect without having to buy a separate red light.

Fix Projector Keystone: A full red screen comes in handy while setting up the projector keystone perfectly.