Backlight Bleed Test | Check your Display for Backlight Bleeding

Use the backlight bleed test to check the display for bleeding backlight. Test display of your monitor (all sizes), laptop screen, or mobile screen for backlight bleed problem.

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What is Backlight Bleed Test?

Backlight bleed test is way to check if your display has backlight bleeding problem. Backlight bleeding is a display defect where you can see bright portions near the edges or corners of the screen. It causes uneven brightness and distorted picture quality. It is a permanent issue and requires buying a new monitor if there’s a lot of backlight bleed.

To prevent backlight bleeding, you must buy a high-quality LED monitor or use your monitor at low brightness settings.

Following are the classic examples of backlight bleed.

Other similar display problems include IPS Glow and Clouding which are specific to the IPS panel screens.

How do you check for backlight bleeding?

A full black screen is used to test backlight bleeding. Below are the steps to test backlight bleed on your laptop, computer, or mobile device.

  1. Visit on the device you want to check for backlight bleeding.
  2. Choose the Backlight Bleed Test from the top menu.
  3. Now, click the black box on the display.
  4. After clicking, your device’s display will go all black in full-screen mode.
  5. Check if your screen has any brighter spots near the corners or edges.
  6. If you see any bright spots, your screen has bleeding backlight. Otherwise, your display is perfectly fine.

Backlight Bleed vs IPS Glow

While backlight bleeding is a problem that can occur in any type of display, IPS Glow is limited to the IPS panel displays. It causes bright lights visible at the corners of the screen specifically.

IPS glow can be fixed by adjusting the brightness settings alongwith ambient lighting. On the other hand, backlight bleed is a permanent problem and cannot be fixed. The only option is to buy a new display monitor.

Frequently asked Questions about Backlight Bleed

What causes Backlight bleeding?

Backlight bleeding is caused by wrongly aligned superimposed layers inside the IPS panel. This misailgnment causes uneven pressure that displaces the liquid crystals allowing the backlight to ‘bleed’ through the spaces and reach the viewer.

This leads to uneven distribution of light on the screen resulting in a really bad viewing experience.

Is Backlight Bleed a problem?

Backlight bleed becomes a problem when it starts disturbing the viewing experience. Most monitors with backlight are vulnerable to this issue but it can be tolerated only to an extent after which you must replace your monitor. 

Does backlight bleed go away over time?

Backlight bleed is permanent in most cases. It only goes away if it is a new monitor as the layer pressure decreases a little after use. If you have backlight bleed for over a few months, it is more likely to stay as it is.

Is backlight bleed warranty claimable?

Depending upon the severeness of bleed, the brand, and the time of purchase, backlight bleed can be claimed under warranty and your display is eligible for replacement.